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10 Common Legal Issues You Didn't Know Your Employees Face

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Legal issues are more prevalent than one might assume. In fact, three out of four employees will experience a legal life event each year.1

And many people don't seek legal advice, often because of a lack of knowledge regarding their particular issue and uncertainty about where to turn to resolve it.

Given these numbers, it's safe to assume that a decent portion of any workplace's employees are facing legal issues, and may not know where to go for help. A legal insurance plan, with a built-in network of attorneys and 100% paid-in-full Network Attorney fees for most covered services, is the easiest way to provide guidance for the some of the most common legal issues:2

Property Transfers
Consumer Protection
Defense of Civil Damage
Property Protection
Family Law Decree

Employees are less stressed and more productive when they are not facing legal issues – or handling them alone. Given that many Americans face these types of legal issues every day, a legal insurance plan may be beneficial to a majority of your employees.

A legal plan provides resources and a place to turn when employees are looking for answers to legal situations and needing a resolution.

1 How Legal and Financial Issues Impact Employee Wellness. Russell ResearchSM for ARAG. December 2016.

2 Top attorney services provided to plan members based on 2016 ARAG Claims data.


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