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Stress, Your Employees and You

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Stress, Your Employees and You

In order to help your employees manage their stress and improve their productivity (and your company’s success), you need to identify what is contributing to the stress.


Stress, Your Employees and You

American businesses lose more than $300 billion every year because of employees' stress-related issues, such as productivity, absenteeism, turnover and out-of-pocket medical, insurance and legal costs.

  • 78% of companies say that stress is their employees' #1 health risk (above obesity, poor nutrition and tobacco use).
  • 47% of employees report that stress causes performance issues for them at work.
  • 3 out of 4 Americans experience one or more legal situations a year.

They feel very or somewhat stressed about:

  • 71% Not knowing where to turn or how to get started
  • 69% The time commitment necessary to deal with the legal issue
  • 68% Understanding their options
  • 67% The amount of money they may have to or have already spent
  • 61% Finding an attorney to help

Employees with high stress:

  • 2x more likely to have a heart attack
  • 3x more likely to have ulcers
  • Experience 500% increase in anxiety and depression
  • All medical issues that can drive up your company's health insurance premiums!

Top causes of stress:

  • Work: Workload, coworker and boss tension
  • Money: Loss of job, legal and medical expenses, reduced retirement
  • Health: Terminal or chronic illness, medical emergency
  • Relationships: Divorce, death, providing care for children and parents

Stress less with ARAG


  • 96% of people who worked with an attorney believed the attorney provided them the best outcome, decreased their stress or saved them time.
  • 90% of ARAG plan members feel that having legal insurance reduces their stress.
  • ARAG plan members feel they save an average of 8.5 hours when dealing with legal issues thanks to their legal insurance.
  • Plan members save an average of $3,550 in attorney fees per legal issue.


  • 92% of ARAG clients said that implementing ARAG was easy and efficient.
  • 95% of ARAG clients find the ongoing enrollments are conducted with ease.

We can help you maintain a work environment with more productive and less stressed employees, which benefits them - and you! Contact us for more information.


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