Handling everyday situations that turn into legal issues takes time and money – disrupting both an employee's life and work. That's where a legal plan can help.

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Our Sole Focus Is Legal Insurance

ARAG has been a leader in legal insurance for more than 80 years. Because we are an insurance product (as opposed to a pre-paid legal plan), we must meet stringent federal and state laws, rules and regulations. You can rest assured we are committed to providing you and your employees the highest quality of service, ethics and accountability.

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Greater Breadth and Depth of Coverage

ARAG says "yes" to more legal matters than any other provider – resulting in better outcomes for employees and fewer questions for you.

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Attorneys Who Go the Extra Mile

Our more than 12,000 Network Attorneys were individually selected from practices around the country based on their reputation, areas of practice and track record. By selecting our attorneys in this way rather than at the firm level, we know employees will receive trusted legal representation.

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More Choice for Employees

Offering employees the simplicity of a standalone plan or the flexibility to choose between two different plans empowers them to select a legal plan that best suits their specific needs and budget.

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