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Online Services Vs. a Comprehensive Legal Plan

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Online legal document providers are well-known services that essentially provide basic legal documents — such as wills and incorporation papers — for customers to fill out and file without the assistance of an attorney. While these services and related prices might sound attractive to many employees, a more tailored, personalized solution to meet their legal and financial needs and circumstances might be more beneficial.

An employer can provide a more holistic solution for employees’ legal needs by offering a legal insurance plan benefit – often at a lower cost. For example, a legal plan typically costs around $20 per month, but creating one document – like a will – with a leading online document provider would cost much more than that.

And like health insurance, which consumers would use to pay for visiting a doctor, legal insurance covers the fees of working with an attorney should an issue arise.

What's the biggest advantage of offering a legal insurance plan to your employees?

Offering a legal insurance plan to employees can provide them with the same services offered by online legal service providers - and it gives them access to a network of attorneys for representation or advice via phone or in-office.

Most covered legal issues — such as consumer protection, estate planning and family law matters, to name a few — included in a legal insurance plan are 100% paid-in-full when members use a network attorney.

The benefits of offering a comprehensive legal plan are numerous and include enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity as well as contributing to their overall wellness. For example, with an ARAG legal plan:

  • 90% of plan members feel that having legal insurance reduces their stress when dealing with legal issues.1
  • Plan members reported that they felt their ARAG plan saved them an average of 8.5 hours per legal matter.1

Discover how a legal plan contributes to a healthy work-life balance for employees – and serves as a viable voluntary benefit option for employers.

1 2016 ARAG Plan Member Satisfaction Survey.



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