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Legal Insurance: There When You Need It Most

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Legal Insurance: There When You Need It Most

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted Americans in many ways. Find out which legal issues people are facing and how access to attorneys and legal services are being affected.

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Legal Insurance: There When You Need It Most

Emergencies happen. Yet 40% of Americans do not have the cash to pay for a $400 emergency expense (like hiring an attorney) without borrowing money or selling something.1

Survey feedback shows that 76% of consumers do not have a specific plan for handling a legal expense.2

Nearly 70% of Americans do not have a will.3

How legal insurance can help employees during this pandemic:4

  • Custody and visitation while social distancing and with shelter-in-place orders
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Living situations, like disputes with roommates or evictions and foreclosures
  • Travel issues, such as wanting refunds for services not used and expiring visas for international travel
  • Considering divorce or legal separation
  • Payments owed even when services are unavailable, such as daycares and gym memberships
  • Estate planning, like creating a will or health care directive

Use of DIY Docs® for estate planning by current ARAG plan members is up more than 70% compared to the same time period last year.5

What ARAG members are saying: “ARAG gives me the right protection and makes me feel at ease when a legal situation that I have to solve arrives. I made the right decision joining ARAG a few years ago and will keep this plan protection for many years to come.” – Clara, Miami, FL

See how a legal insurance plan can provide protection for the planned and unplanned.

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⁴ ARAG member survey, March 2020.

5 ARAG DIY Docs uses, March 15-April 15, 2019 compared to March 15-April 15, 2020. Estate planning docs include: Standard and Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney for Health Care, HIPAA Authorization, Instructions to Agent Acting Under Power of Attorney, General Notice of Death, Specific Purpose Power of Attorney, and Notice to Creditors of Death.



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