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The ARAG Difference

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There are a lot of options for legal plans out there -- here’s how ARAG is different.

As the leading legal insurer in the world, we know our customers count on us. That’s why creating exceptional experiences drives everything we do, starting with a plan that’s easy for you to administer, and most importantly, rewarding for your employees.

Our coverages are constantly evolving, driven by real-life member experiences and their ever-changing needs. Which means with ARAG, you’ll get the most up-to-date and comprehensive legal plan out there.

Employees expect intuitive technology, so we’ve made it easy to get help at the touch of a button wherever and whenever they need. And of course, they’ll be met with a seamless ADA-certified experience that’s both personalized and secure.

As for deciding who they want to take on their case, members are empowered to choose one of our individually vetted, local network attorneys, supported by in-depth attorney profiles with ratings and reviews from other members.

When it comes to legal insurance, no one does legal like we do. That’s the ARAG difference.



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