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Top 10 Legal Matters Facing Women Today

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Women make up the majority of today’s workforce and face unique challenges both at work and in their personal lives. And as a benefit designed to make lives easier, their input and primary concerns are important to us.

For International Women’s History Month, we wanted to showcase the top legal matters facing women today, according to our members.

1. Wills

Getting your affairs in order is important, especially as a matriarch or head of household. Through ARAG, women can either meet with a network attorney or utilize our DIY Docs tool online to create or update an existing will to protect what’s important and ensure their wishes are carried out.

2. Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is a broad topic, but women may seek coverage for matters like telemarketer scams, buying a car or a product warranty.

3. Trusts

Again, with the affairs! Women may elect to create a trust for their beneficiaries or may have been named the executor of a parent’s estate upon their passing.

4. Family Law

Women who choose to start a family have many legal matters to sift through, including things like adoption, premarital agreements (AKA prenups) and parenting responsibilities if your kid gets in trouble at school.

5. Divorce

Out of all the legal matters, we hope that our members don’t have to use their divorce coverage. But we’re glad that we can empower women to do what’s best for their relationship and themselves.

6. Property Protection

Even if it’s not divorce, breakups can cause a bunch of hiccups – especially if your ex won’t give your shared car back (that you bought, we may add). As a woman, you should feel confident to stake your claim when things rightfully belong to you.

7. Defense of Civil Damage Claims

Another pretty broad coverage that we’re proud our female members can take advantage of. Defending civil action can range from anything to your kid hitting a baseball through your neighbor’s window to your online review being accused of libel.

8. Property Transfers 

Indeed, it’s time to rework the deed. Women who own property may choose to sell their property to someone else or just transfer it to a family member in the future. We love a legal-savvy property owner!

9. Administrative Hearings

Through administrative hearings, women can get to the bottom of issues with their Medicare benefits and Social Security payments before or after retirement.

10. Traffic

Finally, we all have to drive sometimes. But if you as a woman think you’ve been unfairly ticketed, your legal plan is there for you to help you get to the bottom of it if you’re being forced to pay a fine, appear in court or hand over your license.


ARAG is incredibly passionate about giving women the legal tools they need to succeed and prevail in their day-to-day lives, whether it’s International Women’s History Month or any other time of year.


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