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3 Things to Do When Your Kid Gets in Trouble with the Law

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Kids don’t always think things through – and they may not understand some mistakes have legal consequences.

Here are three things to do if your child gets in trouble with the law.

First, you’ll want to hire a juvenile defense attorney. If your child is in legal trouble, don’t try and handle this alone. A juvenile legal matter can have long-lasting effects on your child’s future, into adulthood. An attorney with knowledge of the juvenile court system will help you understand your child’s rights and advocate for his or her best interests.

Second, if your child is in legal trouble, you or your child should not speak to the school or law enforcement without an attorney there. This includes making any written statements.

Third, you should shut down all your child’s social media sites immediately. Prosecutors patrol sites to see what kids are posting before, during and after the alleged crime. Take away any temptation your child might have to brag or comment by completely closing the accounts.

When your child is trouble with the law, it becomes more than a parental disciplinary issue. Rely on professionals that are there to help you and your child get through this.

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