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Working with an Attorney Provides Better Outcomes

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Chances are good that employees will encounter at least one legal issue at some point in their lives; in fact, three out of four Americans experience a legal issue in a year.1 That would leave you to believe they would turn to a professional for assistance.

Yet 76% of people with civil justice problems do not seek an attorney for help.

There’s a few reasons why. Some feel there is no need for advice. Others think it wouldn’t make any difference. Given that, you have to wonder what kind of action they took, if any, and more importantly, what kind of outcome they experienced.

But 96% of those who did work with an attorney to resolve a legal matter felt it provided them the best outcome, decreased their stress or saved them time.2

Based on these results, it just makes sense to provide employees access to an attorney who could provide guidance, review documents and represent them, if needed. Or in other words, greatly improve their potential for better outcomes.

Legal insurance offers assistance

An easy way to provide access is to offer a legal insurance plan at a low monthly rate. With this benefit, employees contact a Network Attorney in their local area when they need legal help, with attorney fees that are paid-in-full for most covered legal matters. Employees also have access to online tools and resources, like an online document preparation tool, guidebooks and legal articles.

Offering a legal insurance plan is designed to save employees time, stress and money. This all helps bolster your workforce's overall well-being, particularly their financial health, which is an outcome today’s companies would certainly welcome.

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