What Is Legal Insurance?

What Is Legal Insurance?

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A legal event can happen to any of us. Some you plan for, like buying a home or preparing a will. But, some can be unexpected such as a dispute with a contractor. When things like this happen, ARAG Legal Insurance offers you financial protection and a place to turn to for guidance and assistance.

Things like will preparation and estate planning, identity theft, adoption, consumer protection, credit or debt issues, divorce, auto purchases or repairs, buying or selling a home, traffic tickets and more. With a network of thousands of individually selected attorneys across the U.S., ARAG will help you find an attorney nearby; one with expertise in your situation. A professional you can count on to provide legal advice and consultation, review or prepare documents and represent you in court.

So, how does it work? When you’re concerned about or experience a legal issue, you have a variety of options. You can speak with a network attorney over the phone or in person, access ARAG’s online resources and legal documents, or call our knowledgeable customer care specialists who listen to your situation and help you throughout the process.

The ARAG legal plan is designed around what works best for you. Discover ARAG Legal Insurance; offering you legal protection, delivering piece of mind.


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