What Is Legal Insurance?

Put Power in the Hands of Your Employees with DIY Docs®

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From landscaping to bread making, we’re a nation of do-it-your-selfers. Which makes DIY Docs a great tool for ARAG plan members who want to take control of life’s legal matters – and create documents on their own.

Designed exclusively by ARAG, DIY Docs is an easy-to-use, highly secure and interactive way to create, edit and save legally valid documents online. Even if you’re not a natural do-it-yourself-er, you got this!

Just browse for the legal document you want to create, like a power of attorney, a will or a bill of sale for a car. The interactive tool guides you through a series of questions to help you build a legal document that’s customized based on your situation.

That’s the cool part of DIY Docs – you can literally see each section being built as you enter your information. And you can always go back and easily edit a document after you create it.

And here’s what makes ARAG’s DIY Docs stand out from other online tools: Each document has been created and carefully reviewed by attorneys to make sure they are accurate and compliant in your state.

The tool offers unlimited access, with the ability to create and securely store documents for both yourself and your immediate family.You’ll have clear, easy-to-follow instructions to help you execute documents and make sure each one is legally viable. Plus, documents are mobile-ready and ADA compliant, which makes it easy for anyone to create docs on the go.

In addition to anytime access to DIY Docs, turn to a network attorney for professional guidance or questions on how to execute the documents. You can also contact ARAG Customer Care with any questions about your plan.

So, if you have a lingering legal issue you’ve been wanting to take care of, chances are you can do it yourself – with DIY Docs from ARAG.


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