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Help Employees Guard Their Personal Info with Identity Theft Protection from ARAG

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As data breaches in the U.S. occur at a record pace this year, protecting your personal information from identity thieves is more important than ever. With Identity Theft Protection from ARAG®, you now have a way to help manage this growing concern – and a place to turn if it happens to you. 

For example, to help guard against losses related to identity theft:

  • Single-Bureau Credit Monitoring helps you stay informed of changes to your credit file.
  • Child Identity Monitoring tracks your minor child’s personal information and Social Security number for activity on the dark web.
  • Internet Surveillance alerts you if your personal information is being bought or sold online.

And Change of Address Monitoring alerts you if a change of address request has been submitted to the U.S. Postal Service for your address.

After you provide the necessary account information to activate any of these monitoring services, such as credit monitoring, if there are any reported changes to your credit file you’ll be alerted to take any necessary action.

Then, if you are ever a victim of identity theft:

  • Identity Theft Restoration Specialists help you restore your identity with lenders, credit bureaus, county courts and more.
  • They can also help you cancel and replace lost personal documents such as credit cards, driver's license, Social Security cards, checkbooks, insurance cards and more.
  • Plus, Identity Theft Insurance will provide up to $1 million in coverage for expenses associated with restoring your identity, including legal costs, the cost of replacing documents, loss of income and fraudulent withdrawals.

And if identity theft turns into a legal matter that impacts you, such as debt collection or consumer fraud, you can count on network attorneys from ARAG to provide you with:

  • professional legal advice
  • document preparation and review
  • representation

So rely on: 

  • advice and representation from network attorneys
  • monitoring services
  • monthly reports and notifications
  • identity theft restoration services and $1 million in insurance coverage

And rest a little easier, with Identity Theft Protection from ARAG Legal Insurance.


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