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Top 10 Legal Issues

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Three out of four Americans experience at least one legal event a year — and the majority experience more than one in a year.1 Do you hear that and think… “Really? I rarely (or never) have legal issues to deal with!” Are you sure? Check out the top 10 ways ARAG plan members use their plan and see if any of these are issues you or your employees have dealt with or will deal with in the future.

Average Costs for Top 10 Legal Issues

Legal Issue 

Average Hours
for Attorney
to Resolve

Average Cost
of Attorney

ARAG® Plan
Average Cost
of Network
Attorney Fees
1. Wills  Simple Will: 4 $1,375 $0
2. Divorce

Uncontested: 8


3. Traffic Minor
offense: 3
$1,029 $0
4. Sale/
of a Home
purchase: 6
$2,058 $0
5. Trusts

trust: 5


6. Consumer

Debt issues: 7

$2,401 $0
7. Bankruptcy 8 $2,744 $0
8. Civil Damage
Action: 10
$3,430 $0
9. Property Protection 6 $2,058 $0
10. Family Law

Support: 8



1. Wills

Dictate who you want to leave property and assets to, name executor of estate and guardian of any dependents (minor children).

2. Divorce

Uncontested divorce is when couple agrees on terms to end the marriage, such as how to divide assets and share custody of children.

3. Traffic

Moving violations such as a speeding ticket you want to fight.

4. Sale/Purchase of a Home

Transfer property from one owner to another.

5. Trusts

Protects property/assets (and can reduce taxes), names trustee (person who manages assets) and beneficiaries who will receive the assets.

6. Consumer Protection

Range of issues including debt collection issues and problems with contracts or warranties for products and services, such as cars or contractor work.

7. Bankruptcy

Eliminate or reduce debt by filing for personal, non-business bankruptcy.

8. Civil Damage Claims

Defend against damages you allegedly caused to someone else’s person or property.

9. Property Protection

Issues such as neighbor disputes, contract or financing disputes about your home, disputes with your landlord.

10. Family Law Decree

Enforce family decrees or defend modifications of child support and child custody.

ARAG Legal Insurance

The top 10 issues are just a small window into the many issues that ARAG legal insurance helps people deal with every day. ARAG has 100% paid-in-full coverage for more than one hundred legal matters when working with a Network Attorney – plus free online tools and resources, including legally valid DIY documents. Your employees who use ARAG will stress less and spend less (time and money)!

  • 90% of ARAG plan members that feel having legal insurance reduces their stress.4
  • 8.5 hours is the average amount of time ARAG plan members feel they save when dealing with legal issues.5
  • $1,987 is the average amount ARAG plan members save in attorney fees per legal matter.6

Learn how ARAG can help your business and employees. Contact us today.

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3 Average cost to employee without legal insurance is based on the average number of attorney hours for ARAG claims incurred in 2017 or 2018 and paid by December 31, 2019, multiplied by $368 per hour. $368 is the average hourly rate for a U.S. attorney with 11 to 15 years experience according to The Survey of Law Firm Economics: 2018 Edition, The National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence, October 2018.
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