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Dealing with complicated issues in life — like taxes — can cause a great deal of stress and confusion which may lead to missed work, lower productivity and related legal problems.                                                 

But as an ARAG plan member you don’t have to work through personal tax-related issues on your own, because ARAG now offers tax services as part of its legal insurance plan.

For instance, trying to prepare taxes without a tax professional, dealing with the tax implications of buying a home, sending a child to college or saving for retirement — or even facing a tax audit can be overwhelming when doing it alone.

Now, whenever you have questions, want help or need advice on personal tax matters like these, you can call and receive a one-on-one consultation with an experienced, professional tax specialist.

It’s that simple.

What’s more, you can even receive a no-cost review of last year’s tax return — plus have this year’s return prepared at a significantly discounted rate.

Now you can save time, money and stress on your legal and tax-related issues in one convenient place through an ARAG legal insurance plan.

Find out more today.


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