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Legal insurance isn't just for the rough times in life. The need for legal protection is everywhere, and it's part of everything we do. It's part of life's good times, like adding your newborn to your will, buying that new house, or proudly putting your hard-earned savings into a trust. It's also part of life's struggles, like when kids make mistakes, you get caught speeding, or a true love just doesn't work out. 

Fortunately, legal insurance from ARAG is here for you. With a network of thousands of knowledgeable attorneys across the US, ARAG will help you find an attorney nearby, a professional to provide legal advice and consultation, review or prepare documents, and even represent you in court. Plus, your network attorney fees are 100% paid in full for most covered matters.

So how does it work? When you're concerned about or experience a legal issue, you have a variety of options. You can speak with a network attorney over the phone or in person, access ARAG's online resources and legal documents, or call our customer care specialists, who will listen to your situation and help guide you throughout the process.

The ARAG legal insurance plan is designed around what works best for you. Discover this valuable, affordable benefit that saves you time and money, plus gives you the confidence that you and your family are protected through life's legal matters.


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