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Legal Insurance: The Benefit Every Employee Can Use

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When you consider all the voluntary benefits available to employers today, you may be asking “Why legal insurance?” Well, consider this…

Throughout an employee’s life, they face everyday matters that can turn into legal issues. For example, estate planning, buying or selling a home, a consumer protection matter like a dispute with a contractor, or divorce and traffic matters.

Then think about this…only 1 in 9 employees have legal insurance, but 75% believe it would be a useful benefit.

Although there are nearly 1.3 million licensed attorneys in the U.S., experts estimate that only 20% of the legal needs of low income and 40% of the legal needs of middle income people are being met.

In fact, the U.S. ranked 64 out of 99 countries for overall accessibility and affordability of civil justice in 2014. And what do all the top 10 countries have in common?   

Legal Insurance

Here in the U.S., ARAG is a leader in legal insurance, offering affordable coverage and services that give employees a place to turn for the confidence to resolve their legal issues.


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