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When you enroll in an ARAG legal insurance plan, you’ll have a place to turn for help, with the most comprehensive plan in the marketplace that pays all of your network attorney fees for covered matters, like:

  • Getting your will done
  • Handling a warranty issue
  • Contesting a traffic ticket
  • Addressing a property dispute
  • Having a trust drawn up

ARAG legal insurance is more than just a legal plan...it’s an all-in-one benefit that features valuable additional services.

Like Identity Theft Protection, which helps you protect against losses due to identity theft – by offering you online credit monitoring, internet surveillance, child identity monitoring and change of address monitoring.

If your identity is compromised, you can rely on full-service identity restoration, lost wallet services and $1 million dollars in identity theft insurance to help restore your good name and credit.

ARAG legal plans also include caregiving services, where you can receive legal consultation from a Network Attorney to address a parent’s or grandparent’s elder law matters, such as Medicare eligibility and estate planning.

You can also receive advice and referrals from eldercare advocates, as well as online tools and databases to help you assess a parent’s or grandparent’s need for ongoing care and facilities.

And with financial education and counseling services, a financial counselor can provide you with education and guidance on bill consolidation, savings and budgeting, mortgage education and more. They can even help you set up a debt management plan.

Plus, you’ll have access to helpful online financial tools and resources.

Finally, for tax services, you have unlimited access to experienced tax specialists, where you can call for a one-on-one consultation regarding personal tax matters such as IRS audits and notifications, as well as tax law changes.

They can also conduct a review of the previous year’s tax return and provide discounted personal tax return preparation.

Count on all the additional services that strengthen your ARAG legal insurance plan — and get the peace of mind knowing you’ve got different situations in life covered.


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