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Administering a Legal Insurance Plan

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The concept of offering a diverse array of voluntary benefits is certainly gaining traction with employees these days. Among the voluntary benefits addressing various aspects of employees' lives include legal insurance. And employers are discovering that it's a convenient, affordable way to not only maintain employee satisfaction and loyalty but also compete with other companies.

Those attributes sound promising, but day in and day out, what about administering the benefit? Laura Lanigan, Director of National Accounts and Midwest Manager of Client Operations at ARAG, says the clients she works with have discovered the value – and convenience — of offering a legal plan.

"We know that HR contacts have their hands full administering the core benefits they need to offer employees, and legal insurance makes for a really great seamless and hands-off voluntary benefit, whether it's implementation, payroll deduction or ongoing education."

An employer that clearly understands a legal plan's ease of administration may be motivated to offer the benefit to employees, especially considering the voluntary benefit's role in increasing employee satisfaction. Employees who have legal insurance are armed with an affordable tool they can access to address legal needs and minimize the disruption to their lives. The bottom line is that offering a legal plan benefit can bring added employee satisfaction and increased productivity – without adding administrative issues or costs.

ARAG legal insurance plans typically cost employees around $20 per month and give them access to credentialed network attorneys. Having a nationwide attorney network at their disposal helps employees identify an attorney to handle their legal needs. In turn, employers can benefit from satisfied employees and increased workplace productivity, as employees aren't expending valuable time on the job dealing with legal matters.


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