What Is Legal Insurance?

Put Power in the Hands of Your Employees with DIY Docs®

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As data breaches in the U.S. occur at a record pace this year, protecting your

These days, more and more people are comfortable with going online and doing things on their own.

And with DIY Docs® from ARAG, it’s easier than ever to create more than 350 legally valid, state-specific documents online that you can store, update and print – anytime! 

To get started, just browse for legal documents you want to create, like: 

  • a living will
  • standard will 
  • power of attorney
  • HIPAA authorization
  • residential lease or
  • bill of sale for a car

The tool then walks you through some interactive questions to help you customize your secure document. Just fill in some information about yourself and your situation and click “next” when you’re ready to keep going. Or choose:

  • “Save” to store your document online
  • “Quit” if you don’t want to save it
  • “Show interview progress” to see how much you have left to complete

You can also click the “i” icon for more info about each question, as well as state-specific details.

The great thing about DIY Docs is how intuitive it is. It knows to ask you the right follow-up questions based on your answers.

So, for example, when you work on a standard will, if you indicate you want to leave “real property gifts” behind, the next screen will ask you more specific details about them.

Once you’ve filled out the document, you just click “finish and save” and it’s securely stored in “My Documents.”

From there, you can access your document anytime to edit it, or download it as a word document or PDF. 

After your will is completed and printed, DIY Docs then provides additional state-specific instructions on what to do with your document —like make arrangements to have it signed and witnessed properly.

DIY Docs from ARAG. Easy. Intuitive. Effective.  



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