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Caregiving Services: Protection for Your Employees’ Loved Ones

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When you need to provide care for someone in your life, like a parent or grandparent, ARAG® legal insurance offers caregiving services to help you manage it.

For example, if you face legal, logistical or financial questions related to their caregiving needs, you’ll be able to:   

  • Visit with a network attorney about elder law issues.
  • Receive guidance and support from an eldercare specialist from Carescout®.

And use online resources, including helpful tools, articles and nationwide databases with ratings and reports about care facilities, providers and services.  

Your parent or grandparent can also work directly with a network attorney regarding their legal issue, with professional legal services from ARAG that include:

  • An annual legal check-up to plan for their legal needs.
  • A legal hotline where your parent or grandparent can talk to a network attorney about elder law issues, like estate planning or social security benefits.
  • And reduced attorney fees for your parent or grandparent, where network attorneys will offer at least 25% off their normal hourly rate for most matters requiring legal representation.

When you need to take action, like find adult care that meets your parent’s or grandparent’s needs, use the website to search for available facilities or providers in your area.

Your search results will show you the cost of care for each provider, as well as additional reports that highlight details like:

  • Individual provider ratings
  • Number of beds
  • And the distance from where you are.

It’s all designed to help you make more informed, confident decisions about their care. 

Then, if you need additional assistance, you can always call an eldercare specialist who can:

  • Develop care plans for you, and
  • Negotiate discounts with long-term care providers —in some cases, savings of between 10 and 35% — for facilities when available, which could save you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Rely on caregiving services from ARAG, with professional legal help, trusted referrals and detailed reports when you need it most.



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