Gain Clients and Grow Your Practice with ARAG

How Legal Insurance Connects Attorneys with Clients

Individuals Purchase ARAG Legal Insurance

People purchase legal insurance for their family through their employer, an association or directly from ARAG.

Members Learn the Value of Working with an Attorney

ARAG helps people identify the legal issues in their lives and understand how attorneys can help. More than 90% of ARAG members say they are more likely to consult with an attorney because they have legal insurance. ¹

ARAG Connects Clients with Attorneys

Clients have a legal issue and find a Network Attorney near them who practices in the area of law they need through the online directory or by calling ARAG Customer Care.

Attorneys Work with Clients and Get Paid

Attorney helps ARAG client resolve legal issue, files a claim online and receives payment from ARAG within 10 business days.

Discover How Working with ARAG Will Benefit You

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Dick Bryant details how the ARAG Network has provided new business and long lasting client relationships for his firm.

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