Gain Clients and Grow Your Practice with ARAG

Why do attorneys join the ARAG network?

No Fee to Join or Participate

Join the ARAG network and connect with clients who have a specific need in your area of law. You can experience supplemental growth to your client base while we help you tackle time-consuming administrative tasks. 

Benefits of the ARAG Network:

  • Expand your client base without added cost.

  • Connect directly with clients.

  • Get paid directly by ARAG.

  • Easily manage cases and billing.

  • Increase your online visibility with clients.

  • Choose the areas of law you want to provide so you can grow your practice intentionally.

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My name is Dorothy Paul. I'm a practicing attorney here in Atlanta, Georgia, I have a law office up in Roswell. Our practice areas are personal injury, criminal defense. I do have some civil litigation cases that vary per client, but that's generally my practice area. The professionalism, the responsiveness of everyone here, I've never had an issue that was not solved. They're available morning, nights. The technology is very efficient, and they're always generating new processes and trying to respond to the attorney's needs. So they listen to the attorneys, which is, I think, unique.

88% of ARAG plan members are likely to refer their network attorney to family and friends.*


*2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey; Percentage includes respondents who rated their likelihood to refer their ARAG Network Attorney as 6 or higher on a 10-point scale.

How It Works

How does ARAG legal insurance work?

Legal insurance works a lot like the health insurance model. Employees sign up for ARAG legal insurance as a benefit through their employer and pay an affordable monthly premium to access a network of attorneys. For covered legal matters, you provide client services, submit your claim to ARAG and get paid directly from ARAG. 

How does ARAG connect me with clients?

When ARAG members need legal help, they primarily connect with you in three ways. 

  • View attorney profiles on ARAG’s website and/or Legal app and contact ARAG to be connected to an attorney of their choice. 

  • Call Customer Care to get help connecting with a network attorney. 

  • Contact you and provide case confirmation details so you can start working with them.  

Prior to accepting a case, you’ll receive vital details so you can determine if the case is a good fit for you. Once you’ve decided to move forward with representation the ARAG member becomes your client. 


90% of ARAG members say they’re more likely to consult with an attorney because they have legal insurance.*


*2016 ARAG Plan Member Survey.

What to expect when you join the network.

ARAG credentials and selects attorneys individually so you can be sure you’re in good company. 

Attorneys on ARAG network receive:

  • A service and payment agreement (contract) with ARAG.

  • Access to a secure online attorney portal to manage cases, submit payment requests and access agreements, communications and other resources. 

  • The ability to create your individual profile details, including the areas of law you want to provide to ARAG clients, your photo, office location, personal interests and more. 

  • Payment details up front, and listed on the ARAG CaseAssist form, based on the type of coverage available. 

Network attorneys receive payment based on the client’s level of coverage.

Receive payment directly from ARAG within 10 business days for covered legal matters.

Paid In Full

Paid to you directly by ARAG.

Capped Hours

Paid to you directly by ARAG.

Reduced Fee

75% of your regular fee. You bill the client directly.


Paid by the client. Additional attorney’s fees are paid by ARAG.

Requirements to Join the Network

Make sure you can meet the following requirements before you begin the application process:

  • Licensed to practice and in good standing with the regulatory authority in the state(s) where you accept clients (unless you only focus on immigration or federal matters).

  • Maintain malpractice insurance coverage of at least $100,000 per incident and $300,000 aggregate per year.

  • Agree to provide services to ARAG members for covered matters based on the Network Agreement.

Discover client and earning potential in your area

To view opportunities in your area, enter your zip code and choose the types of legal services you’re interested in providing to ARAG clients. We’ll provide an estimate of ARAG members in your area and earning potential for different legal services. 

See Earning Potential & Apply

ARAG’s agreements are at an individual level, not the firm level. By working with individual attorneys, we increase your visibility to our plan members and ensure our members are working with attorneys who meet the requirements to join the network.

ARAG – A Trusted Partner for Attorneys

We are proud to champion solo and small practice attorneys with the goal of connecting them with people who need their help to close the access to justice gap in America.

Credibility and accountability are our priority.

Our insurance plans meet stringent federal and state regulations and we maintain the highest levels of service to meet the requirements of employers in the United States.

We make administration easy.

With online payments and claims administration. Plus, our customer care and dedicated attorney experience teams support your work with ARAG clients.

You get feedback directly from ARAG clients.

This helps ensure you’re providing the best experience to all your clients. Get the benefit of their input without having to manage the process. 

Stay up to date on the latest legal industry news.

Our thought leadership webinars and exclusive content from leading influencers in legal tech, customer service and entrepreneurship.

ARAG cares about and advocates for attorneys.

We believe you are critical to improving access to justice in America and are always working to provide affordable access to legal help.