ARAG Network Attorneys

When your customers need an attorney, we connect them with someone who can help resolve their legal matter.

Each of our Network Attorneys must meet a set of credentialing requirements.

ARAG contracts with more than 15,000 attorneys nationwide to provide advice, counsel and representation.

Working with a Network Attorney

ARAG members can follow these simple steps to receive advice or representation from a network attorney:

Use Attorney Finder to Start Searching

ARAG members can visit or call ARAG Customer Care for information about local network attorneys who practice in the areas of law pertaining to their legal issues. 

Contact the Attorney

ARAG members call the attorney they choose to work with or make an appointment to meet in person.

Meet with the Attorney

Network Attorneys offer ARAG members legal guidance and consultation, document review and preparation and representation. Attorney fees for most covered legal matters are 100% paid-in-full when you work with a Network Attorney.