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Unique Legal Issues for Millennials and Gen Z

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Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, and Generation Z (Gen Z), born between 1997 and 2012, have faced a number of unique challenges throughout their life. As they’ve worked through these adversities, many members of these generations have learned to speak up and defend themselves. And this includes being proactive in protecting their rights. So as the Millennial and Gen Z groups navigate their early adulthood, there are several unique legal needs they may face.

What Are Millennials and Gen Z Facing?

According to a study, less than 32% of US consumers have a will created1. But for Millennials and Gen Z, it’s vitally important to have a will – even if they don’t have a child or feel that they don’t have enough assets to warrant one. A will details how you would like your property and assets divided among loved ones, specifically a surviving spouse or partner, child, close friend or charitable organization. It also includes details about caring for furry loved ones and funeral and burial arrangements.

Millennials and Gen Z are also embracing a resurgence in travel plans. But with the excitement of traveling always comes the risk of a cancelled trip or reservations – and it may not be your fault. Your ARAG legal plan may help with providing attorney assistance with getting deposits refunded after a trip is cancelled or a vacation rental company claims there is property damage.

As these generations are beginning to move out of apartments and rentals and into their own homes, they may have a need for legal help with breaking a previous lease, review of contractor agreements, roommate eviction or even legal review at closing. Keep in mind, network attorney resources include access to experienced attorneys to help you with document preparation, review and representation, if needed.

Members of these two generations feel that they are facing financial issues at a higher rate than those before them. Because of this, they may have more questions about saving for a home, how to pay off student loans and budgeting money due to higher inflation. Some legal plans from ARAG provide financial planning services, which can help Gen Zs and Millennials feel more confident tackling these issues.   

A Shift in The Desire to Have Children – Or Not

When looking at millennials and Gen Z and their desire to have children, many are exploring the pros and cons to having children. According to MarketWatch, the top reasons these groups may choose to not have a child include financial freedom, flexibility, medical conditions and a stronger focus on their careers.2 So while this lifestyle, often nicknamed DINKs (dual income, no kids) offers a reprieve on some potential legal and financial issues like child support or custody agreements, they still may face the common legal issues mentioned above.  

Don’t Forget About Fluffy

Another subset of childless Millennials and Gen Z consider their pets as vital members of their family. If you find yourself in this category, consider creating a pet trust. A pet trust outlines who you would like to care for your pet, along with funding for the care of your pet.

Don’t forget, no matter where you are in life, as an ARAG legal plan member you have access to experienced network attorneys to help you manage legal situations like these and more.

When you’re ready to get started, ARAG is here to help. Start a case online or contact our experienced Customer Care team to request a case and confirm coverage for your legal matter.

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