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Considering a Divorce? How Your Legal Plan Can Help

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When a couple arrives at the decision to divorce, they often view it as the end of a relationship. Yet it can also represent a fresh start for each party where they can work toward a resolution and move on with their lives. Your legal insurance plan is designed to help you navigate a divorce – and also address Kathe potential legal and financial matters that may arise as a result.

What kind of issues can be included with a divorce?

Even though many divorces are amicable, you could face potentially lengthy and costly legal aspects of a divorce, especially if matters are contested or disagreements arise over the care of any children or assets. These issues can include:

  • Child custody and support, as well as visitation arrangements
  • Payment of alimony
  • Ownership of property and vehicles

Turning to an attorney is a smart move

Whether you both agree on the terms of the divorce or have many items up in the air (e.g., child custody, alimony, etc.), it’s generally wise to consult with an attorney as state laws, as well as individual circumstances, vary greatly. Checking in with an attorney familiar with the laws in your state can save you time, effort and money, and hopefully help you stress less. Some states offer a “collaborative divorce” which provides each party the opportunity to problem solve in a private, confidential setting, with the help of their experts. Or the situation may require arbitration, where a neutral third-party negotiates an acceptable divorce agreement.

How your legal plan may help

Whether you decide to go through a divorce or are still dealing with issues from a past one, your legal plan is designed to protect your assets and give you a path to resolution, and may help you:  

  •  Better understand the laws and their impact on you
  • Be prepared for court proceedings you may be required to attend
  • Make decisions regarding the care of children, including parenting agreements and arrangements
  • Confidently assert your legal rights
  • Legally change your name
  • Update an estate plan to reflect the correct beneficiaries and distribution of assets
  • Prepare a qualified domestic relations order (pertaining to retirement plan benefit payouts) 
  • Buy/sell property
  • Provide assistance with changing or enforcing child custody or support orders

As an ARAG plan member, you have access to experienced network attorneys who can provide legal counsel, review and draft documents and represent you, even in court if necessary, for    covered legal matters.* For matters that are not covered you may still have access to reduced fee benefits when working with a network attorney. When you’re ready, start a case online or contact our experienced customer care team to request a case and confirm coverage for your legal matter.

*Plan coverage for family law, such as divorce, may vary, be limited to a specific number of hours or not available. For matters that aren’t covered, members may be able to receive 25% off network attorney fees. To view your plan-specific coverage details, view your plan coverage at or contact ARAG Customer Care.