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Professional Legal Advice Just a Phone Call Away

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As a plan member, have you ever faced an everyday matter — like a traffic ticket or a property dispute — and wondered if it might be a legal issue? Or you want to create a will or have a document reviewed? Whether you need professional legal advice or just have a quick question – legal advice is a phone call away.

Connect with an attorney for advice

Arriving at a legal resolution can start with a phone call. Contact ARAG Customer Care where a specialist will review your situation, provide coverage information and help you decide if you want to get some advice over the phone from an attorney who is familiar with your state’s laws. You can consult via phone with an attorney as many times as necessary when you need:

  • General advice on how handling your legal situation might work.

  • Help determining if you need further assistance from an attorney.

  • Guidance on how the law relates to your situation and what actions can be taken.

  • Standard will preparation.

  • A document reviewed, or a follow-up call or a letter written on your behalf.

A quick, convenient, option for legal help

For more complex legal matters, like a need for in-depth consultation or court representation, visiting with a network attorney in-office is suggested. But sometimes a minor issue or a quick question can be resolved over the phone. The attorney will listen to your situation and put you at ease with actionable advice. Or you’ll receive guidance on next steps, whether that’s working with an attorney or handling the issue on your own. Best of all, you won’t need an in-office appointment!

"The experience with the attorney was great! I would recommend the service and plan, especially due to the cost I would have incurred for having to do my own research on who to connect with and contacting an attorney on my own."

-Jacob, Pflugerville, TX

Insights from an ARAG network attorney

John Wachsmann, an attorney at Wachsmann & Associates, P.C. in Englewood, CO., has served on the ARAG attorney network for 25 years. The most common legal issues he addresses over the phone with clients include questions about family law, landlord/tenant disputes and debt collection matters.

He states, “Every call looks a little different, so we take time to listen and discuss the important details. Sometimes it’s simply offering direction on forms. Other times we’re sharing thoughts on where things stand legally.”

Regarding his role, Wachsmann truly enjoys being able to provide an immediate service, which he feels is a true benefit to members who call in to him. “Most people just need information and direction to help ease their nerves. We’re here with an immediate response to show there’s a solution and next steps.”

Make the call

If you’re a member and would like advice regarding a legal situation, start by calling our Customer Care number (800-247-4184). Attorneys are ready to take your call Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., Central time.


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