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Discover the Added “Benefits Within Your Legal Benefit”

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Chances are you’re fairly familiar with how your legal plan works and the services it’s designed to provide. For example, when you have a legal matter you’d like to address, you can start a case and work with a local network attorney to help you resolve it. And network attorney fees are 100% paid for most covered matters – saving you potentially hundreds, if not thousands, on costly legal fees.

But did you know there’s several other “benefits within your benefit” you may not be aware of – which provides even more protection and options when you need legal help? Here’s a quick rundown:

Assistance from a telephone network attorney:

You can always get connected with a telephone network attorney for a quick legal consult over the phone for those matters that don’t require meeting with a network attorney in the office.

Legal protection for your eligible dependents:

Your legal plan can also help you protect your family, including your spouse and dependent children. So if they run into a legal matter, you know the plan is there for them as well.

Reduced-fee benefits:

If your legal matter is not covered (and not excluded), you can receive a reduced rate of at least 25% off network attorneys’ normal rates for in-office legal advice and representation.

Out-of-network indemnity benefit:

You can use an attorney outside the ARAG network and pay the attorney fees and be reimbursed up to the scheduled amount, indicated in your plan.

Waiver of premium:

ARAG can continue coverage and waive premium to help members and their dependents stay protected, upon a named insured’s military deployment or death.

Conversion policy:

If you leave your employer, you can continue legal coverage with an ARAG plan that offers similar benefits.

Coverage beyond termination:

If the plan is terminated or if you don’t re-enroll, ARAG will provide full benefits for covered legal matters if notified within one year of the insured event and it happened while you were still enrolled.


Also keep in mind the valuable resources you can access when you log in to or create your member account at These include DIY Docs®, Learning Center, the Personal Information Organizer and more. And don’t forget – ARAG Customer Care specialists are available to help you with any questions you may have about your plan coverage or next steps to take.

These benefits all add up to several advantages and services that you may not have been aware of, but could come in handy when you need the flexibility and protection of an ARAG legal insurance plan.


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