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Start Off the New Year with These 9 Legal Resolutions

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Looking for ways to use your ARAG legal insurance in the new year? Here are nine ways to help you protect against legal and financial matters.

1. Locate important documents like medical records, estate planning documents, deeds, birth certificates and passports.

Just as important, be sure to store them in a safe place and record their location.

2. Review beneficiaries you’ve named in your will, insurance policies and retirement accounts — and update them if needed.

3. Have a discussion with loved ones regarding your potential caregiving needs and end-of-life wishes.

4. Be prepared for natural disasters and emergencies.

Create a contingency plan, build a disaster supply kit and take measures to protect important documents (see suggestion #1!).

5. Protect against identity theft.

Periodically run computer anti-virus software, change online passwords, review financial statements and check credit scores.

6. Read the fine print more carefully.

Take a few extra minutes to review purchase contracts, warranty information and online “terms and conditions.” Many times the devil really is in the details.

7. Know what to do during a traffic stop.

It’s important to understand your rights — and know when it’s advisable to comply with law enforcement.

8. Be more scam-savvy.

Learn more about protecting your good name and finances from online and door-to-door scammers.

9. Create a financial plan.

Help protect your family’s future by staying ahead of debt, creating a manageable budget, starting an emergency savings fund and investing for retirement on a consistent basis.

When you’re ready to put your resolutions into action, your legal insurance plan is a great place to start. Call our Customer Care Center at 800-247-4184 to see how you can continue protecting what’s important in the new year.


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