Using Your Legal Insurance

ARAG Customer Care: Your First Step Toward Legal Resolution

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Need to use your legal insurance plan? Start with ARAG Customer Care.

Maybe your ongoing headaches with a noisy neighbor has compelled you to take legal action. Or you want to create a will to protect your family but don’t know how. Or you just have a quick question about your legal rights as a stepparent.

That’s where ARAG legal insurance comes in — and it starts with a call to one of our experienced and friendly customer care specialists. They’re here to make sure plan members get the most out of their legal benefit and point out their options.

Explaining and verifying plan coverages

When you call a customer care specialist, he or she can:

  • Help you determine the nature of your legal matter.
  • Explain what legal matters (and related services) are covered.
  • Give you a CaseAssist® form that contains the names of potential network attorneys for a specific area of law.

Helping you in your search for legal guidance

An ARAG customer care specialist is also trained to help you:

  • Start your search for a network attorney in your area you can call or visit in-office.
  • Connect with an attorney in your specific state who can provide unlimited personal legal advice over the phone for quick questions or explanations.
  • Gain more information about network attorneys, such as time in practice and area of law.

Directing you to plan resources and services

A customer care specialist has the knowledge and skills to:

  • Assist you with logging in to your account at so you can view plan details and resources.
  • Refer you to an identity theft case specialist and additional resources for questions or next steps regarding stolen identity or data. 
  • Show you how to access valuable online resources such as DIY Docs®, a personal information organizer and guidebooks.

When you need to take action for legal matters in life, start by calling one of our ARAG customer care specialists at 800-247-4184, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time. They’re here to help you identify your needs, figure out next steps and help you connect with local network attorneys.


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