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Starting Over as Single in 6 Steps

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Starting over after a divorce is not easy. Divorce can bring financial and emotional struggles, and you may be feeling angry or like something is missing from your life. This can make it hard to see the bigger picture and get back on your feet. Discover six steps you can take to move forward from your divorce and get a fresh start as a single person.

1. Accept the economic reality of divorce.

The average cost of a divorce in the United States is between $15,000 and $20,000, and this can be a difficult burden to overcome. However, you can recover if you follow these steps. It’s important to accept that your post-divorce lifestyle is probably going to be different. You’ll need to develop new, sustainable financial habits, make a budget and live within your means. You’re in control of your financial future now. A financial advisor can help with credit and financial issues and can help you set new goals to get on the path to financial security.

2. Travel somewhere new.

Traveling can be empowering and give you much-needed time to yourself. If divorce has taken a toll on your finances, you don’t have to take a long-distance vacation. Simply taking a daytrip to a city you’ve never been to can help you move forward with new experiences. Traveling gives you time and distance away from your ex, which can help you get a fresh start.

3. Consider seeing a therapist.

Divorce can lead to feelings of anger, self-deprecation and loneliness, and you don’t have to go through it alone. A professional therapist can help you process your feelings as you cope with your divorce. Therapists are knowledgeable and can provide valuable insight you haven’t thought of. This is a good consideration to make when you’re starting over.

4. Develop a 10-year financial plan.

A divorce is a chance to take control of your finances. Think about your financial goals and create a plan that will get you the financial independence you need as you’re starting over. Make a commitment to yourself to take action and start saving today. If your divorce left you struggling with financial problems such as  credit issues, a financial advisor can help guide you on your new path.

5. Decide what will make you happy.

Have you wished you had the time to volunteer? Is there a fitness class you’ve always wanted to try? Joining group activities like these can help battle the loneliness and isolation of divorce. Create a list of things that will make you happy and discover new goals. Think of things that will lead to positive experiences in your life.

6. Remove toxic people from your life.

Everyone may have people in their lives who may sabotage self-improvement and growth, something that is crucial as you start your life after divorce. These toxic relationships can lead to frustration and resentment, preventing you from creating the new lifestyle you need as you cope with your divorce. If you’re struggling with people in your life who are trying to control your decisions and are getting in the way of your happiness, remove them from your life.


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