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5 Ways to Increase Legal Insurance Plan Participation

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ARAG research1 shows that there are five things organizations can do to encourage and increase participation in a legal insurance plan.

1. Have employees enroll at the same time as core benefits.

This increases visibility and raises awareness.

2. Make payment easy with payroll deduction.

Simplify the process and give employees one less thing to think about.

3. Enroll on the same website as their other benefits.

Participation increases if employees use the same enrollment platform for all benefits.

4. Communicate early and often.

Participation increases when employees receive plan details at least one month before open enrollment.

You should also make use of a variety of touchpoints.

5. Make regular changes and upgrades.

No matter what coverages or services are added to the plan, participation tends to increase.

1 Based on 2017/2018 client data.




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