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Top Action Items for Caregivers

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These days many employees are now doing double duty as caregivers. In fact, it’s estimated that 39.8 million Americans act as a caregiver for another adult. Before you take on caregiver duties, it’s important to understand the potential scenarios and responsibilities you may face. Here are some ways to help you relieve the stress and seek support so you can be your best for both your loved one and yourself:

  • Talk openly with your loved one about how he or she would like to be cared for, particularly if you have the legal power and responsibility to make the decisions.
  • Have frank discussions with siblings and extended family to discuss how everyone can contribute to the effort.
  • Consult an attorney to discuss the complexities of the situation, including estate planning.
  • Evaluate the financial impact of the situation and adjust budgets accordingly.
  • Take time to take care of yourself in order to provide the best possible care to your loved one. Seeking the support of other caregivers, either through local support groups or online, can be beneficial.
  • Ask for current medical records so that any future healthcare provider has as much accurate information available as possible.
  • Ask your employer for assistance and additional flexibility in accommodating an undoubtedly difficult schedule. In some cases, the Family and Medical Leave Act may allow you to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons.

How a legal plan can help

As a caregiver, chances are you’ll also have potential legal and financial matters you’ll need to consider as your loved one’s living arrangements, medical needs and financial situation changes over time. This could involve taking on power of attorney duties if their ability to make decisions starts to diminish, as well as ensuring their will, living will or trust is up to date and in order.

Having a legal insurance plan can help you address these needs so your loved one is assured their wishes are carried out. The ARAG legal plan offers both elder law services designed for members, where you can receive legal advice from a network attorney regarding how a parent’s or grandparent’s caregiving need or legal situation may impact you.

You also have access to caregiving services for a parent or grandparent, where you can call a network attorney to get general legal advice and consultation on how the law relates to your parent’s or grandparents’ legal matter.

Interested in learning more about how legal insurance can benefit you and your employees? Contact us for more information.



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