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Legal Insurance Plans: Benefiting Employees & Employers

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Benefiting Employees and Employers- Infographic

Legal Insurance Plans: Benefiting Employees & Employers

When you include legal insurance to your company’s offering, you’re not just adding a voluntary benefit. You’re providing employees an affordable, accessible way to resolve their legal and financial issues. You’re also creating an additional element that helps bolster your overall workplace wellness and productivity.


Legal insurance means peace of mind for employees and a more productive workforce for you. See how offering a legal insurance plan can create a win-win situation for all involved.

Employee Wins

  1. Financial savings. Avoids high initial consultation fees or excessive retainers. By working with a network attorney, fees for covered services are 100 percent paid-in-full, with the attorney generally offering reduced rates for any non-covered services.
  2. Time savings. Reduces the need to take time off from work to deal with a legal issue, including finding a suitable, affordable attorney. Plan network typically offers thousands of individually credentialed attorneys located throughout the country.
  3. Educational resources. Free access to online educational legal resources and tools allows many employees to handle minor matters on their own.
  4. Health benefits. Promotes employee's overall well-being by offering the ability to consult an attorney regarding legal issues which, in turn, helps lower employee stress levels and lessen frustrations commonly associated with unwelcome legal situations.
  5. Job Satisfaction. Having a choice in benefits – as well as a place to turn when needs arise – are critical components of job satisfaction.

Employer Wins

  1. Employee retention. A robust benefits package – one that includes unique benefits that deal with common situations – can help reduce employee turnover.
  2. Talent acquisition. With an attractive voluntary benefits package, employers can gain a competitive edge over other companies, attracting the best candidates for hard-to-fill positions.
  3. Employee wellness. Legal plans give employees a tools to handle life's legal events – thereby reducing stress and improving wellness.
  4. Greater workplace productivity. Reduces absenteeism: 85 percent of ARAG plan members report they have the resources they need to avoid taking more time off work than necessary.
  5. All-in-one benefit for multi-generational legal issues. For instance, some ARAG legal plans give employees access to credit monitoring, identity theft restoration, internet surveillance, financial counselors, tax services and caregiving services.

Give employees a place to turn for legal help wherever they are in life. Contact us for more information.



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