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Tom Martin: The Types of Clients I Get from ARAG

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My name is Tom Martin and I’ve been on the ARAG Network for about 5-6 years. ARAG has been valuable in helping me build my business because there’s a steady influx of very qualified clients and for any attorney that’s a great deal. The type of clients that I gain from ARAG are generally college educated and they have an employer that they are referred to use by so it’s very easy to get the information we need to be able to help them. I think the most fulfilling part about being part of the ARAG Network is that we truly get to help people in their time of need. Generally they’re calling us when it’s a crisis and so being able to deal with that crisis and provide them with some very valuable info and services and point them in the right direction. It’s great to hear them say thank you. What I wish that most Americans knew is that they don’t know what they don’t know. Attorneys, that’s what we go to school for and a lot of us got into being an attorney to help people and so when they’re at a crossroads and need help to go forward they can really use the advice of an attorney that can counsel them about all their options and taking the best step forward. We’re here to help. 


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