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Engage Clients with a “Must-Read” Online Bio

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We understand your ultimate goal is to attract more clients and get more referrals. And that starts with that first impression you create for clients who are online or calling you looking for legal help. So, let’s walk you through some quick tips to help give your online bio a boost.

Tell clients what they want to know

It’s understandable that for many attorneys, they don’t have time to craft a lengthy and entertaining bio. As a result, it often includes the following standard points:

  • How many years they’ve been practicing
  • Where they went to law school, the degrees earned, internships
  • A list of practice areas, professional accomplishments or a combination of both

Listing those attributes and experience in your bio is essential. But does it tell clients all they want to know? In other words, does your bio tell your story by explaining:

  • What is your brand? What makes you different from other attorneys?
  • How are your unique skills going to help them resolve their issues?
  • What compels you to practice law?

Take a moment to put yourself in the client’s shoes. Their ultimate concern is not so much where you went to law school but rather, “Is this attorney going to be able to help me or not?” They may have never worked with an attorney before. So, they’re probably a little skeptical, even a little intimidated by turning to someone for help for a legal matter. Your bio is an opportunity to introduce yourself in a friendly, engaging manner.

Because ultimately, clients want to know if they can work with you, trust you and confide in you. Take this quote from Founder and CEO of LexBlog, Kevin O’Keefe: “The public is not looking for a profile that reads like Martindale-Hubbell. People want to know how accessible you are, how they can connect to you on social media, and where they can read non-legalese items authored by you that demonstrate your passion and care.”

That means drafting a bio that tells clients right up front what your “value prop” is – stating what you’ll do for them and why you’re in business. Here are some other elements to make your bio more relatable:

  • List out the areas of law in a more conversational, relatable way. You don’t need to go into great detail, just give the client an overview of what you do (e.g., estate planning, family law, etc.).
  • Balance the personal with the professional to give the client a clearer picture of you as a whole. Don’t be afraid to talk about your family, volunteer work or favorite activities.
  • Work in a little humor and honesty. Including some subtle, humorous (and appropriate!) quips can be endearing, engaging and show your potential clients the “human element” of your personality.

Make it Personal

If you want your bio to be client-focused, you can easily revise it to be more:

  • Conversational (Hello! I’m (name), and if you’re looking for an advocate…)
  • Personal (When I’m not in court or with a client, I escape to…I’m an avid….)
  • Impactful (The reason I practice law is simple. I want to….)
  • Relatable (If you’re like me….Like most people, I…)

When complete, your bio should read more like a story about how you help people – and less like a laundry list of accomplishments.

Keeping it brief is better

Keep in mind – you’ve got a limited amount of space to make the maximum impact. In “elevator speech” terms, you have only 15 seconds to sell your client on why they should pick you instead of another attorney. Beefing up your bio helps you make the most of that opportunity!


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