How Working with ARAG Benefits You

ARAG has more than one million plan members, and they are relying on attorneys like you to help them.

Helena Tetzeli shares why ARAG is her business partner for firm growth.

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I started with ARAG in 1996. That longevity speaks to how easy a relationship it’s been. One of the advantages of being an ARAG attorney is it’s helped me grow as a lawyer which helps my business as a lawyer. I get asked every possible type of question about immigration law you can imagine so it keeps me on my toes and it helps me in general to be a better lawyer. If you’re a better lawyer you provide better services, you have happier clients and you get more business. So it’s helped me in that kind of intangible and direct sense. I have clients that have referred other clients to me. And as result we have this attorney client bond and they have referred family members, friends, their children and it’s helped my business immeasurably. ARAG is very easy to do business with. My relationship with them as a lawyer has been effortless. Its’ been a long standing relationship and it has the perfect balance of support but not too much interference there’s no micromanaging. It’s a bit like a partnership.

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Gain New Clients – for No Fee or Subscription Charge

When you're a Network Attorney, ARAG will refer members in your area to you. Your profile also appears on a listing searched by our more than one million plan members who are looking to establish relationships with a local attorney.

See How ARAG Connects Attorneys with Clients
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Receive Direct Payment from ARAG

Once you file a claim online, you’ll receive payment within 10 business days – no need to track down payments from clients or deal with write-offs.

How You Are Paid
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Expand Your Client Network

ARAG plan members tell their friends and family about the great service they received, resulting in additional referrals for you. In fact, 88% of plan members are likely to refer their Network Attorneys to friends and family. ¹

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Exclusive Tools and Resources

You will have access to training and educational materials to help your firm stay up-to-date on the latest innovative technology and customer service tools. We also provide exclusive networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders.

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1 2016 ARAG  Plan Member Survey