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Recognize the Legal Liabilities of Your Home

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Purchasing and owning a home is an exciting time in life. But being a smart homeowner comes with additional responsibilities. Did you know you can be liable, legally or financially, for the things that happen in your home and on your property? You have a legal obligation to keep your property safe.

Read on to learn about common liabilities of your home and how to prevent them from becoming a legal issue.

  • Accidents in the home. From something as simple as someone tripping on a rug to getting injured due to faulty handiwork or a missing handrail in your staircase, you could be responsible for guests getting injured in your home.
  • Tripping or slipping on your sidewalk. If you have an uneven sidewalk or don’t clear it after a snow or ice storm, there is a chance someone could hurt themselves.
  • Getting injured in a swimming pool or hot tub. If you have a pool or hot tub, you’re responsible for taking steps to help prevent guests, especially children, from having an accident in them. This includes things like having them gated off and covered when not in use.
  • Failing to protect children from harmful substances. If you don’t take the steps to secure cleaning supplies and other harmful substances, you could be held liable for any adverse reactions.
  • Injuries from your pets. From scratches and bites to your dog knocking someone over, you could be responsible if your pet injures someone in your home.

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover some of these incidents but depending on the circumstances and the coverages you’ve selected, it may not. That’s why it’s a good idea to review your policy periodically to better understand the limitations.

How ARAG legal insurance helps

Many legal issues that arise from home ownership are often unexpected but having legal insurance can help provide added peace of mind. If you’re searching for a network attorney, we have many resources to help you.

If you are overwhelmed or have any issues, you can reach out to an ARAG Customer Care specialist at 800-247-4184, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm Central time, to help you identify your needs, figure out next steps and connect you with local network attorneys.


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