Medical Malpractice

What is this?

Legal assistance to resolve a medical malpractice claim in which you suffer physical, emotional or financial damage due to the negligence of a medical professional.


  • Your physician misdiagnosed your appendicitis which led to additional complications and a prolonged hospital stay. You want to hold the hospital liable and want to confer with an attorney regarding your next steps.
  • Your physician made a mistake during childbirth which resulted in an injury to your baby.

For Contingency Arrangements

There may be a situation where you and the network attorney agree to handle your legal matter with a contingency fee arrangement. This means that if you win the case, the attorney’s fees will be deducted from any money awarded to you. 

Under the ARAG legal plan, the contingent fee cannot exceed either 25% of the amount awarded to you before or after the trial, or 30% of the amount awarded to you if your case was successfully resolved after an appeal. You and the network attorney will arrange how costs (such as court costs, filing fees, etc.) incurred while pursuing your legal matter will be handled.


Contact ARAG Customer Care to confirm your legal matter will be covered by this plan.