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Beware the Fraudosaurus

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Fraudosaurus- Infographic

Beware the Fraudosaurus

Identity thieves are constantly chasing after your personally identifiable information. See what you can do to keep it out of their hands.


Criminals can destroy your identity when they gather enough information, so beware the Fraudosaurus!

  • Social Security Number: A golden ticket that makes stealing your entire identity easy.
  • Date of Birth: Information required for nearly every account. With data, more common = more valuable.
  • Full Name: Your full legal name, including maiden name or other aliases, gives criminals access to lots of other information.
  • Passport & Driver's License Numbers: These give quick access to other information: full name, date of birth and address.
  • Phone Number: Criminals call impersonating officials, such as IRS employees demanding money.
  • Email Address: Criminals can send you phishing scams in hopes you'll give them more data.
  • Bank Card PINs: Criminals can get access to your cash without having to show additional information.
  • Account Numbers: They don't just care about your bank accounts. They also want your retirement information and insurance account information.
  • Mother's Maiden Name: Common default account verification question for years; now, if you're given other options, use them!
  • Where You Were Born: Common account verification information.
  • Zip Code: Seems harmless but sometimes accounts require this information for added security.
  • Credit/Debit Card Codes & Expiration Dates: Common information required before making new purchases with a stored card. Imagine the shopping spree thieves could have!
  • Usernames & Passwords: Do you bank online? Do you share personal information via email or "the cloud"? Think of what criminals could do if they had access.

WARNING: Individually, these pieces of data seem insignificant, but together they make it easy for Fraudosaurus to destroy your identity. Protect yourself by enrolling in a program that constantly monitors the underground websites and alerts you if any of your info shows up.


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