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Legal Insurance: A Must-Have for Parents

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Many parents might wonder why they would ever need legal assistance themselves, much less for their children. The truth is, children need legal protection at every stage of their young lives, whether it’s to protect them in case something happens to you, or if they find themselves in a bit of unexpected trouble.

At the same time, having kids can also make it harder to pay for unanticipated attorney fees. That’s why a legal insurance plan from ARAG® can be a good idea for families.

Legal issues parents (and kids) may face

As a parent, you may face these kinds of legal issues involving your child:

The need for estate planning

Everyone should have a will or trust, but it’s especially crucial for people with dependents. For those with children under the age of 18, they will want to name guardians for their kids in case something happens to both parents. Without a will or trust, the state decides what happens to your loved ones.

Disagreement with a daycare provider

Having your children in daycare is a fact of life for most working American families these days. But issues like a disciplinary incident or dispute over rates can impact your working relationship with your provider — and possibly your child’s care. A childcare agreement between you and the person or organization who cares for your child will help you formally outline the responsibilities and obligations of the childcare provider and the payment terms. 

Medical emergency

An inevitable fact of being a parent is that kids get sick and accidents happen. But what if your child needs immediate medical attention, and you aren’t readily available to provide consent to have them treated? You can use a medical treatment authorization for minors to make sure they get the necessary medical treatment before you arrive. It’s necessary because in these situations, children can’t receive medical treatment without parental consent – unless it’s a matter of life and death. Consider using this document if you’ll be away from your child for an extended period of time or if you leave your child with someone else on a regular basis.

Child identity theft

In 2020, there were more than 3,000 cases of internet crimes against children reported. Children’s Social Security numbers are often perfect targets because they have no credit history. Plus, as more children share their personal information online – and at surprisingly young ages – they are unwittingly giving identity thieves data to hack into social media accounts or to piece together information that enables them to steal a child’s identity.

Bullying and cyberbullying

More than 20% of students are bullied every year. It has become such a problem that all states now have a law or policy in place that addresses bullying. Cyberbullying has increasingly become a more pronounced problem as children and teens spend more of their time online. In fact, teens spend an average of nine hours a day with digital technology, while “tweens” aged eight to 12 average six hours a day.3 No matter where your child is being harassed, whether it’s at school, in the neighborhood or online — or even if he or she is the instigator — you may need legal help to address the issue with the school they attend, other parents or the authorities.

Distracted driving

2,042 people were killed in crashes involving a teen driver in 2019. Depending on state laws, moving violations and accidents can carry steeper penalties for teens, especially if they still carry license restrictions.

ARAG legal plans for families can help

When you face a legal issue involving your child, a legal insurance plan from ARAG can offer you:   

  • Access to network attorneys for legal counsel, document review and representation.

  • Access to identity theft case specialists, who can provide next steps and resources to address identity theft.

  • A wide range of coverages with network attorney fees that are 100 percent paid in full for most covered matters.

When you need to take action for legal matters in life, start by calling one of our ARAG customer care specialists at 800-247-4184, Monday through Friday,
7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time. They’re here to help you identify your needs, figure out next steps and help you connect with local network attorneys.


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