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What to Do When Marrying Someone from Another Country

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Marrying someone from another country and planning to live in the U.S.? Follow these steps to make sure you’re doing everything legally.

First, your fiancé needs a K-1 visa, which is proof the government has approved his or her entry into the US.

To get the visa, you’ll need to complete a Petition for Alien Fiance Form. You’ll also need to prove your fiance’s identity, provide a valid passport, complete a medical exam and offer evidence of your relationship.

Once the visa is approved, your fiancé can immigrate to the United States and the two of you have 90 days to marry. If the marriage doesn’t take place within 90 days, your fiancé must leave the country.

Once you’re married, you can apply to change your foreign spouse’s status to permanent resident status, commonly referred to as having a “green card.”

A green card gives your spouse the ability to live and work in the United States permanently. Your spouse’s green card status will be conditional for the first two years of marriage.

After that, the conditional status can be removed and the green card will be valid for 10 years. Your spouse will need to renew it every 10 years.

For more details on the process, visit The U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. An immigration attorney can also help you navigate this complicated process to help you and your fiancé start your new life together on the right foot.


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