Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at ARAG

Working together, valuing each other.

Inclusivity is the founding principle of our organization. ARAG has operated for more than 80 years with the mission of providing access to justice for all.

Bringing equity to that experience is the reason of our existence. 

We are proud to be the industry leader, approaching this critical initiative through four pillars:

Our People

Creating a workplace inclusive of diverse backgrounds, experiences and points of view allows us to drive innovation and better serve the needs of our customers. ARAG's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee was formed in 2020 as a resource for all team members, with the following mission statement: We are one ARAG. Our mission is acceptance of all. Since its inception, the committee has focused on educational events, opportunities for connection with team members of different backgrounds, partnering on unconscious bias training and more.

Our Product

As the first legal insurance provider to offer DEI coverages, our solutions resonate with and meet the needs of anyone who encounters a situation that includes a legal element, whether it's an employee with a disability, a veteran or a person who is LGBTQ+ or other under-represented communities. Our plans cover a wide range of situations people may encounter in life, including domestic partnership agreement, hospital visitation authorization, gender identifier change and administrative hearings for veterans benefits, to name a few.

Our Partners

Our attorney network is the most diverse in the industry with 23.2% identifying as non-Caucasian. Membership in the National Bar Association, Hispanic Bar Association and LGBTQ+ Bar Association allow us to recruit a diverse mix of attorneys and understand growing needs of these communities. In addition, we require each individual attorney agree to our non-discrimination agreement; we do not blanketly accept this at the firm-level in order to ensure individual commitment.

Our Process

We believe in the member's right to choose. Our members (86% of those surveyed) and attorneys have confirmed that choice of an attorney over assignment is preferred. By maintaining a diverse network of attorneys with many different demographics, backgrounds, lifestyle and areas of practice, we know that members can select an attorney that best suits their needs. Assigning an attorney to a plan member strictly based on demographics creates a problematic opportunity for known bias. This is counterproductive to the work we are doing to drive equity and inclusion for both members and attorneys on our network.

Recognition and Awards

International Honors

In 2022, our efforts were honored by ARAG leadership in Germany for a three-pronged DEI approach that included forming our internal committee, expanding our product offerings and raising awareness among our clients by launching the "Take Pride" digital marketing campaign, raising awareness of how ARAG’s legal insurance product can help LGBTQ+ employees and help create a more welcoming, modern workforce. ARAG Board Speaker Renko Dirksen presented the United States team with the ARAG International honor, spotlighting our dedication to DEI in front of all of our partner organizations across 19 countries.

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Inclusion Award

The Greater Des Moines Partnership announced ARAG Legal Insurance as a winner of the 2022 Inclusion Awards. In its 10th year, the awards seek to honor and celebrate the success of organizations that have championed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their businesses, organizations and in the community. The Greater Des Moines Partnership is the economic and community development organization that serves Greater Des Moines (DSM), Iowa, where ARAG USA is headquartered.

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Inspiring Business for Women

ARAG was selected as an Inspiring Business for Women in 2020 by the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa. To be eligible, companies and organizations must show support for women’s equality and advancement in the workplace, be it through policies like maternity/family leave and family-friendly practices, having women in leadership roles, organizing special women’s initiatives or ensuring equal pay and equal opportunities for women.

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