ARAG Network Attorneys

When you need an attorney, we can help you find someone who understands your legal matter

Each one of our network attorneys must meet a set of requirements.

Our Attorney Network has more than 15,000 attorneys ready to help you!

How to Work with a Network Attorney

As a member of the ARAG legal insurance plan, it's easy to get advice or representation from an attorney. Just follow a few simple steps.

Use Attorney Finder to Search Your Area

Visit the ARAG Learning Center  or call ARAG Customer Care  to receive information for local attorneys in the network that practice in the area of law that applies to your issue.

Call the Attorney of Your Choice

Call the network attorney of your choice to discuss your issue on the phone or make an appointment to meet in person.

Meet with the Attorney

At the appointment, pay a $250 deductible. Any attorney fees beyond that are paid by ARAG for covered matters.

Find the Plan That Works for You

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