Partner Resource Glossary

Adoption, Contested Adoption, Uncontested Alimony Auto Repair Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Building Codes Buying a Home Buying a New or Used Automobile Car Dealership Dispute Caregiving Child Custody Child Support Civil Damage (including Libel/Slander) Consumer Fraud Consumer Protection for Goods and Services Contracts / Lease Agreements Court & Mediation Credit Record Criminal Misdemeanor Defense Debt Collection Matters Deeds Divorce / Annulment / Separation, Contested Divorce / Annulment / Separation, Uncontested Domestic Violence & Restraining Order Driver's License and Privilege Restoration Driver's License Protection and Suspension/Revoction Driving or Operating While Intoxicated Durable / Financial Power of Attorney Easements Elder Law Estate Administration Eviction Expungement Federal IRS Tax Audit Federal IRS Tax Collection Felony Defense Financial Planning Education Foreclosure Garnishment General In-Office Guardianship/Conservatorship, Contested Guardianship/Conservatorship, Uncontested Habeas Corpus Healthcare Power of Attorney Home Improvement / Contractor Issues Home Improvement / Contractor Issues Homeowners Association Dispute Identity Theft Protection Immigration Assistance Incapacity Inheritance Rights Insurance Disputes - Home, Auto, Long-term care Internet Law Irrevocable Trust Juvenile Court Living Will Marriage / Living Together Medical Malpractice Medicare/Medicaid Name Change Neighbor Disputes Parenting / Parental Responsibilities Personal Injury Claims Personal Property Disputes Pet Related Matters Post-marital Agreement Pre-marital Agreement Promissory Note Property Taxes Property Taxes QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) Preparation Real Estate Disputes Refinancing Revocable Trust (Living Trust) School Issues Security Deposit Selling a Home Small Claims Court Social Security State and Local Taxes State Tax Audit Surrogacy Tax Services Tenant Disputes with a Landlord Traffic Tickets Vehicular Homicide Veterans Benefits Wills Zoning Variance/Eminent Domain