Jean Clauson Named Legal Industry Advocate

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Des Moines, IA (January 11, 2018) — ARAG®, a leading provider of legal insurance, announced today that Jean Clauson has been named Legal Industry Advocate.

“Jean’s new title reflects her passion for access to justice issues – and ARAG’s dedication to being an advocate for attorneys and the legal industry,” says Nicolle Schippers, ARAG Associate General Counsel and Legal Industry Advocate. “Adding another legal industry advocate will help us continue expanding our efforts to close the justice gap and lead the way into the future of legal services.”

In addition to her role as legal industry advocate, Clauson will continue managing the attorney network development team at ARAG. For nearly a decade, she has worked tirelessly to connect attorneys to more people who need their services by growing the ARAG Network. This dedication has been instrumental in ARAG being able to provide more legal services to Americans.

“I’m thrilled for this opportunity to step into a more formal role advocating for attorneys and helping all Americans get the legal services they need,” says Clauson. “In the last decade I have seen the legal industry change so much and I believe that the more we can bring attention and awareness to not only the need for innovation but also how crucial attorneys and legal insurance are to the solution, the better the future will be.”

In addition to her work at ARAG, Clauson is also president of Group Legal Services (GLSA), where she works to champion solo and small practice attorneys as a vital solution to America’s access to justice problems.


Jean Clauson

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