Get Connected to Clients on the ARAG Network

When you join the ARAG® network, we help you tackle time-consuming administrative tasks and business development so that you can focus on practicing law. ARAG refers clients to you who are employed with a legal insurance plan to pay for their services.

Why do attorneys join the ARAG network? It helps you:

Grow your client base without having to invest additional time or money in business development.

Connect with clients interested in a long-term attorney/client relationship.

Get paid directly by ARAG, eliminating write-offs and collection issues.

Experience easy-to-use claims management and billing thanks to a secure online web portal.

All this with no fees to join or participate! Plus we make it easy for you to choose the specific areas of law you’d like to work with ARAG clients on so you can grow your practice intentionally.

Ready to learn more?

Provide a few details below and a Network Development Associate will contact you to discuss specific client growth opportunities in your community and area of practice.