How to Get ARAG Clients

Here's how to make the most of the ARAG Attorney Network to connect with clients.

Jena Maxwell shares how participation on the ARAG Network has helped to expand her practice to new clientele.

My name is Jena Maxwell and I’ve been an attorney on the ARAG Network for five years. So tips I would give an attorney that has just joined the ARAG network would be to really take advantage of it. It’s a great opportunity to get your practice going if you’re a new lawyer or if you’re starting out on your own. Because it really gets you access to clients you normally would not have access to. Really the power of word of mouth is huge in the legal community and once you’re out there, their friends will know about you, other people going through similar situations will know about you and you’ll get referrals that way and it’s a really powerful tool. The most fulfilling part about being an ARAG attorney is providing legal resources and legal help to those that need it that might not have an opportunity to get it otherwise. It just takes a lot of the added stress and steps and obstacles out of it that are normally there.

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Build a Complete Attorney Profile

Many ARAG members use ARAG's online Attorney Finder to choose their attorney. Attorneys who update their profile to include areas of law, office location, languages spoken and a professional profile picture get more referrals than those with incomplete profiles.

ARAG Legal Plans Accepted Here
Spread the Word in Your Community

Make sure that ARAG plan members in your community know you accept ARAG legal insurance. Download ARAG graphics for your web and print materials from the attorney marketing center. 

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Accept Cases and File Claims Online to Get Paid Quickly

You can choose to accept cases that match your area of expertise using the secured online network portal. Once you've completed a case, simply file an online claim for payment: no paperwork, administrative hassle or tracking down payments from the client. You can expect to receive payment within 10 business days on covered matters.

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8 Keys to Providing Great Service to Your Clients
Member Feedback and Elite Service Standards

ARAG is committed to sharing feedback from ARAG plan members to help your firm grow and prosper. Network Attorneys who are nominated for the Elite Service Award by plan members agree that there are eight habits key to their success in maintaining high client satisfaction and referrals.

Download ARAG's Elite Service Standards to Share with Your Staff

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