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We are privileged to champion solo and small practice attorneys with the goal of making legal services accessible to all Americans.

John Wachsmann talks about his experience working with ARAG team members to close the access to justice gap.

My name is John Wachsmann and I’ve been an attorney on the ARAG Network for over 20 years.

ARAG has been great to work with in fact many of the people that I work with at ARAG I consider to be treasured colleagues. They share the same vision that we do with legal plans. Administratively they’ve also been great. They have great systems. Their case management system that we work with. additionally, the ARAG folks, are from the Des Moines area and have what I call the great Midwest values. They’re tremendous folks to work with. With regard to access to justice. Legal plans and ARAG in particular have played a very big role. We as attorneys have perhaps not been great as a profession of providing affordable services to folks...however that is changing. We’ve seen many developments in technology, forms are more readily available, additionally court systems and how they operate is available. However, ARAG does provide affordable, dedicated, competent, counsel and that is a very big part of it. I see tremendous growth in the future and I’m proud to be part of it.  

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A Respected Network of Your Peers

More than 12,000 attorneys nationwide have met ARAG's network requirements to help serve our more than one million plan members.

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Rely on High Standards

Credibility and accountability are a priority at ARAG. We require attorneys to be in good standing with the regulatory authority in the state(s) where they are licensed. Our insurance plans meet stringent federal and state regulations and we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of service.

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Here to Support You

ARAG supports the future of the legal industry through free continued education opportunities for attorneys and law school partnerships. We also collaborate with industry leaders at the state and national level to support access to justice initiatives.  

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